We offer FREE delivery to your door step for orders exceeding $30 in total if you like our facebook page

For orders below $30, $5 will be charged per delivery to your door step. ($3 per delivery if you like our facebook page.)

We also offer free pick up at Jurong East MRT if you like our facebook page

International air freight charges:  $3 per 500g

International sea freight charges:  

0.1-30Kg  $1.30/500g 

31Kg-60Kg $0.90/500g, 

61Kg-100Kg $0.60/500g, 

above 100Kg $0.36/500g

Handling Fee 7%

Email us if you're purchasing furnitures for your whole house for special rates!

Exchange rate: SGD 1 to RMB 4.55 (subject to changes)